The Easiest Way To Create Reminders

Create reminders by sending an email
Create reminders by sending an email

Just Email Or Text Reminder Hero What and When. It'll do the rest!

Tired of forgetting the important things in life?

All it takes is an email or a text.
Reminder Hero intelligently hears you, and alerts you when you need it.

A clock, because Reminder Hero lets you create reminders for specific times or time intervals

Intelligent Reminders

Reminder Hero understands your messages to figure out what you want and when you want it!
"Send Bob an email in an hour"

An image of an envelope showing Reminder Hero's email reminder capabilities.

Easy Reminder Creation

Send us an email with whatever you want to be reminded of. That's it!
"Call Jen at 3:30pm"

A text message icon showing Reminder Hero's SMS reminder features

SMS Reminders

You love texting, and so do we! Text us your reminders and we'll text you back when it's time!
"Watch Breaking Bad on Sept 17 at 9pm"

A calendar showing a specific day. Reminder Hero lets you create recurring reminders for specific days.

Recurring Reminders

Need to do something every day, week, or month? Just tell us!
"Take out the trash every Friday"

We currently have incoming SMS numbers for Canada, USA, and the UK.
If you can't send texts to these countries, let us know and we'll see what we can do!

Price Plans That Fit Your Budget

Don't see a plan that meets your needs? Let us know!

  • Business Plan
  • $49/month
  • Unlimited Email Reminders
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • 1000 SMS Reminders Per Month
  • Unlimited Phone Numbers
  • Coming Soon!

Or sign up for our Free Plan and get 5 email reminders per month, free!